Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Best cleanser EVER ( for all skin types)

If you have not tried this cleanser or not even heard of it WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! The cleanser is the best thing since sliced bread and although you may be happy with your own cleanser i can guarantee if you tried this you would be hooked, It is made up of natural herbs ,oils and is 100% organic, the tiniest amount can take a full face off make-up off and is so nourishing i quite often don't have to apply a moisturizer after using it and i have really dry skin ( was this cleanser sent by GOD) the cleanser is a balm but it does not leave a oily residue and can be used on oily skin.
How to use:
Apply with clean fingertips using circular movements to soften and relax the skin while cleansing it. Leave it on your face for a few minutes to allow the skin to absorb all the nutrients, then remove with warm water and an organic face cloth like a Muslim cloth, this is very important as you cant remove the cleanser with just water .
Price wise:The price of the cleanser is really good quality as a little amount of the cleanser goes a long way , the smallest jar is 50ml which retails at £24.95 and the 100ml at £34.95 i bought the 100ml last October and i have about another 1/2 weeks left which i just think is AMAZING.

coconut oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, roman camomile, marigold, eucalyptus, clove, grapefruit seed extract, clary sage, wheatgerm oil, *eugenol, *isoeugenol, *linalool, *linalool, *limonene.  All ingredients naturally produced.  *Naturally occurring in 100% organic essential oil

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