Wednesday, 30 May 2012

''Baking Britain 82'F puts Egypt in shade''


Yes you heard it right rainy WALES temperatures soared to a whopping 35 degrees in direct sunlight last week , we were officially hotter than Africa & Egypt emmmmm can you believe it ?
The weather was amazing and i really felt like i was on holiday i really hope it stays for the summer , as last week was really a summer week that wales only dreams about , bbq's & volleyball on the beach , beaches packed picnic's it was simply blissful, not knowing how long the weather would last i literally crammed as much as i could in to one week and just wanted to show you some of my favorite pictures as i think our beaches really are outstanding.

The Lovely West Shore Beach in the soaring  temperatures

Me & the bestest in the sun

The lovely spot me & the boyfriend had our picnic on the orme

Cannoning on the beach with the father

Me and the boyfriend after our picnic ( dont ask about his face haha )

NO PLEASE EXCUSE the no make-up look but this was a TAN worth showing you , thought id give myself abit of base colour before Greece & no i am not naked hahahah!

Happy sunning


  1. Wow it looks amazing and so beautiful! You look gorgeous! XxxX

  2. Ahhh I'm so proud I was in Wales at this point haha! The pictures look amazing, it's so amazing as to how beautiful Wales is when it's not raining eh? haha

    Also, I'd be so proud of that tan too!

    Love, Elizabeth xx



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