Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Homemade Eye-lid primer

I have used so many different eyelid primers and some are very cost effective ( Urban Decay Primer Potion for example which retails at a whopping £18) Now i don't know if its just me but £18 for a rare occasion of eye shadow is a bit of a splurge, so here's a simple cost effective homemade solution that works just as well and is also good for sensitive skin.


  • Body butter of your choice 
  • Foundation ( medium to full coverage)
  • Cotton Bud ( Cutip for my american followers :))
  • A empty pot or shadow to pan to store it 

I am using body shop butter & Rimmels wake me up foundation

I used to squirts of foundation & half a thumb of body butter

Mix the foundation and the butter together until all the butter is covered in foundation and it is a cream consistency 

Transfer it to your chosen pot using a cotton bud or a spatula 

Smooth it down using the cotton bud and clean around the edges 

Pop it in the fridge over night and WELLLLLAAAAA :)

Heres a picture of a swatch i took the top one is the eyeshadow applied with a brush and NO  primer and the lower one is also applied with a brush and the homemade primer underneath good huh ;)

Let me no if you try this and how you get on i would love to no :)


  1. wow thats so cool!

    I love that you've done it yourself and it obviously works so well - that's obvious in the swatches!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. yeh its really nice - i always use it now saves so much money :) xx

  3. thanx for the tip... will definitely try

  4. This is so cool! I will definitely try this out. Follow back, pretty please? (:



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