Sunday, 20 May 2012

Make-up/Face& body care Organisation using everyday items

Good Afternoon Bloggers,

Being a beauty fanatic , like most of you reading my blog will be ( i'am guessing that's why it interests you) i thought i would share with you my make up organisation tips, i have far to much make-up in my own opinion although some people make think its not a lot at all. I have watched loads of youtube videos on how people store there make up but have never found anything that is easy to get hold of and cost effective so i thought i would  share with you my ways of organizing hope you enjoy :)

This is what i use to hold all my make-up is basically just a small chest of drawers i do have a dressing table ( vanity for you americans :) but because it has space to put my legs i like to put my laptop there and use it to do all my blogging

This is what i use to hold my brushes and all my favorite foundations , they are plant pots that you get when you buy Orchard flowers there really handy and i put rice in the bottom of the brush one to help all my brushes stay up ,.

Some of my favourite foundations and primers from left to right , Monu skin perfecting primer , No7 Colour calming primer ( to conceal redness) Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (B40)  on top of that one is 17 Adapt-itude ( medium dark) , 2 Rimmel wake me up foundation 1 in true ivory the other in classic beige, M&S Perfection SPF20 foundation in brown suede, Boujour 123 perfect in Vanilla , Body shop Flawless skin  protecting SPF25 foundation in 04, and my most recent purchase Cllinique Redness Solution in calming honey . 

In The top picture you can see a wicker basket on the left hand side this is what i use to hold my palettes it cost about £2.99 from asda but you can pick them up in most home stores, these are some of my everyday palettes.

This is a cutlery organiser which you can pick up at any kitchen or home store there so cheap and start off a around 89p there perfect for holding mascaras , single eyeshadow blushes and bronzers.

This is the same as the above and in the corner you can see a square cardboard box which is a old perfume box which i cut the top of to store lipsticks so i could see the colours/names

These are old glossyboxes whish i turn upside down to store my products in , it really helps because it stops your products moving everywhere when you open the draws , normal boxes could be used , in the back is a old card tin which i split t old cuticle tips , cotton buds (cutips) and nail glitters

This ones quite blurred so sorry about that but there not much organised  in it anyway just thought i would show you how i store the rest of my palettes which you can see on the right , i used a ceramic square thing that i got with a St Tropez kit but again boxes would be fine for this.

Again this is another old glossy box opened and turned upside down this is AMAZING for holding nail polishes , i really want to get a stand but there really expensive so this is the next best thing they hold them upright ( which stops them going clumpy) and also stop them from moving .

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above products are bought with my own money, I am not bragging in anyway shape or form but have had a few emails asking how i store my make-up and wanted to share it with my followers.

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