Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Caviar Manicure

Hello beauties

I recently came across the new craze that's sweeping the nail'oholic nation called ''The Caviar Manicure'' it is where tiny little beads are placed on the nail to create a 3d look , the manicure was created by the make Ciate and looks so elegant and beautiful that it was a must buy , while doing a quick search through Google i found that the price of the kit started at £18 and goes all the way to £38. If you thought that was bad i then also discovered that the manicure only lasts around 2 days ! Shocking price if i do say so myself , so if you read my posts often enough i bet you can guess where i ended up ...yup that's right the beloved Ebay and found almost identically beads for a small fortune of £1.89 and double the range of colours you can see them HERE

You will need:
Caviar beads of your choice
Nail polish similar to the colour of the beads
A top Coat
A small plastic tray or bowl

I chose a mixture of colours 

This is the nail polish colour i chose to go with my beads apply a thin layer of nail polish over each of you nails 

Then apply a second coat but only doing 1  nail at a time once you have applied the second coat pour the beads over the wet nail and VERY gently push the beads into the polish 

Once you have done every nail apply a topcoat to the tips of all your nails just to seal in the beads 

Hope you enjoyed this nail post let me no if any of you try it :)


Heres a sneak peak at my next post 


  1. This is so beautiful, darling! Ciate Nail Caviar is super expensive! I always love seeing dupes of high-end stuff. (:

  2. Omg loving the nails, and they look so candy like!! Gotta try it out ^_^ thanks for the ebay link! xx

  3. Woow i finally found this tutorial *__* Thank you so much !
    Would be glad if we follow each other ? (:

  4. Thank you for following my blog Im now following you too :) your nails look amazing great job I now own a Ciate nail polish I got free from Marie Claire this month woo - will post a review shortly xx


  5. Loved this so much that I had to give it a go myself! Just writing up a post about it which mentions you a lot! Will be up tomorrow :)



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