Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mint chocolate ( without the chip)

This  little tub of scrub has easily become my favorite product of the summer , and has squeezed itself into my daily skin care routine , not only is this a fab pick me up for your lips leaving them feeling literally as soft as a baby's bum , but it is also brilliant as a pre lip ''cleanse'' ... i mean who likes bumpy peeling lips when you want to wear all your bright summer lipsticks ...not me



I have been using it every evening after washing and prepping my skin , after use i like to apply the fig & rouge organic lip balm i received in a glossy box last year , its made a massive difference to my lips as i always have really dry flaky lips. The scrub is made out of brown sugar so is really gentle when your buffing your lips , and doesn't remove unnecessary skin  , if you don't have a local lush you can order online Here for £5.25 (+ p&p)


*Thanks to my little sister the lip model*

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  1. oh my god i love that product too! i got given it for my birthday a few months ago and it was just sitting in my room for ages but when i started using it it was such a change. i have the vanilla flavor and it tastes incredible.



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