Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Foxy Bargain

Hello Beauties,

I recently came across a video from Sprinkle of glitter on YOUTUBE about a fox bag ( which you can watch HERE!) and absolutely fell in love with them. Now sprinkle of glitter also none as Louise got her bags for around £12 on Ebay , now i don't settle for  first price as i am quite the bargain hunter if you must no so i trawled the internet to find me myself i & you the same bag but only cheaper and i found them for £6.49 inc p&p what a steal so if you like the look of it go and check them out Feeling foxy? get your fox bag here i am pure cheese i no. For the cheap price the product certainly is not cheap looking i am sure its a faux leather but you would never tell the bag is soft and more expensive looking than £6.49 enjoy xoxox

Little Fox

Nice & spacey yayyyyy!

Happy shopping :)

Sneak peak at my next post can you guess ?


  1. Oh my goodness, how cute is that bag???

    Love it!

  2. whoa! awesome nails! I'll def be back to check it out :):)

    follow each other??


  3. Cute bag, I love a bargain too :) I'll also have to come back and see the nail post.

    Tanesha x

    1. ahhh thanks for checking out my blog :)ill be sure to check yours out :) xxx

  4. Wow those nails look amazing! I love the bag it's gorgeous! XxxX

    1. thanks for checking out my blog ill be sure to have a look at yours hopefully my nail post will be up later today :) xxx

  5. It really is the cutest bag alive. And well done on finding a cheaper price too! I'm definitely gonna get one now!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  6. And to think that I nearly bought this bag for far more than that! Thanks so much for the link, I think that I'll definitely be getting it now!




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