Friday, 18 May 2012

May Book review

Hello beauties ....

This post is something completely different to what i normally would do , but since Febuary i vowed to myself i would start reading again , i have done exactly this since Febuary i have read a whopping 11 books and just about to move on to my 12th ..... I really love girlie books and without sounding completely strange i like reading abuse books because i find them interesting and there's always such happy endings i have recently just finished all of Lauren Conrads LA Candy books ( currently waiting for the delivery of fame game ) i really recommend these book , but while waiting for ''The fame Game'' I decided to read something completely different to what i normally enjoy ''The Hunger Games'' , I could not recommend this book enough i was desperate to see the film but always find that the books are better so opted to read them first .... I'am so excited to watch the film now has anyone seen the film and could tell me how could it is ?

30th May
Helllllo book worms ,
Little update for you, I am now on the 3rd book , which is quite hard to get into but the 1st & 2nd are amazing i have also now seen the film which is defo worth seeing , its not really my type of film or book but im hooked :)

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