Monday, 14 May 2012

Monthly Mayhem

Hello beauty geeks :)

So here is my idea , i have started eating really healthy recently mainly because i am going to Greece in June with the Boyfriend and also because i have been inspired by a lot of the beauty gurus , so i have cut out milk, tea (except herbal tea) coffee fizzy drinks chocolate , crisps bla bla basically everything that tastes nice wahhhh :( , so my idea is that although i am eating super healthy each month i will set myself a challenge to do for a week , the challenge will be something i am trying to improve or don't have in my life , like trying new healthy foods , home cooking water exercise etc.

So my challenge for the month of may is The Water challenge and I am TOO excited to do this every day i will be aiming to drink 2 liters a day and i will be write a diary every day for the week on the same blog post so keep checking back for that wish me luck and if anyone wishes to join in leave your blogs as a comment and ill be sure to check them out :))

Monday 14th May
Ok so today was day 1 i felt really bloated after drinking so much water ( because im not really use to it probably ) and i ate much smaller potions.

Tuesday 15 May
I'am weeing so friggen much its unreal i mean i may as well live in the toilet i suppose my body just getting use to all the healthy liquid consumption tho :)

Wednesday 16th May
I am so tired normally half way threw the day i'am so tired having a conversation with some one is a effect, This has totally changed, i am  SO energetic I'm wearing people out haha, also i don't seem to be getting headaches as much and i defo not eating as much as usual

Thursday 17th may
I don't feel as bloated anymore in fact i feel less bloated than i ever have , my energy's up i don't have craving for chocolates anymore is this seriously all from drinking more water ?

Friday 18th May
OK! i spoke to soon i am shattered today but i am NOT blaming the water , last night was a late night from not being able to put a book down its certainly taken its toll.

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  1. Good Luck Elicia! I tried really hard at this last year (you saw on my blog) but I was not as successful. I am going to try to do it again this year but without doing a post about it. I am starting a workout routine this week too. I probably will do a post about some of the exercises. So keep checking back.



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