Monday, 28 May 2012

My summer make-up routine & hiding redness

Hello Beauties :)

Well this is a bit of a treat, this is not a post I normally do , and wasnt to sure  about snapping away pictures of me without make-up but i thought FUDGE IT .....who cares? So here is my everyday summer foundation routine which includes hiding redness.
Like it love it hate it whatever just enjoy it .....

Some of the products i used , MAC face & body foundation, Chanel gel bronzer , MUA red lipstick, 

Prime your face this will help all your make-up stay on during the hot weather , iam using Monu skin perfecting primer

I use green concealer to help conceal all my redness i apply i quite thick and blend the edges out using a clean ring finger

For my face im using MAC face & body foundation in N2 & a beauty blending sponge i find it applys better than a brush and this does not disturb my work with the green concealer 

I dont always use bronzer but i have caught such a tan over the past week , i feel my foundation does not match my skin 100% 

I apply a peachie blush just to the applys of my cheeks this is Superdrugs MUA in shade 5

I use a angled brush and my beautiful brow kit to fill in my eyebrows , a good alternative is MUA shade 15 chocolate brown eyeshadow

I am using red lipstick this is MUA shade 13 , i apply it lightly and blend it out with my finger to create a more raspberry than red colour

And here is my final look :)

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  1. Great post, I love the lipstick it really suits you:) xxxxxx



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