Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mint chocolate ( without the chip)

This  little tub of scrub has easily become my favorite product of the summer , and has squeezed itself into my daily skin care routine , not only is this a fab pick me up for your lips leaving them feeling literally as soft as a baby's bum , but it is also brilliant as a pre lip ''cleanse'' ... i mean who likes bumpy peeling lips when you want to wear all your bright summer lipsticks ...not me



I have been using it every evening after washing and prepping my skin , after use i like to apply the fig & rouge organic lip balm i received in a glossy box last year , its made a massive difference to my lips as i always have really dry flaky lips. The scrub is made out of brown sugar so is really gentle when your buffing your lips , and doesn't remove unnecessary skin  , if you don't have a local lush you can order online Here for £5.25 (+ p&p)


*Thanks to my little sister the lip model*

Monday, 25 February 2013

50 random facts about me

I have seen so many of these on blogs & on youtube but held back for a while because i didn't think i had 50 random facts about myself ,
I have nothing written down I'm literally just gonna babble about myself so here go's

                                1..I'm a home girl , i love to be at home with family/friends/my boyfriend either way
                                 I just love being at home .      

                                2.I don't drink very much & to date my late night out was boxing day .

                                               3.I have 6 tattoos & i only like one of them 

                                           4,My hair is naturally afro ... No joke its actually AFRO!!

                                               5.I have 3 sisters & 1 brother 

6.When I'am home you can gurantee im in my pj's Iam not lazy there just comfy :)

7.I literally live in leggings

8.And i own 25 pairs 7 of which are black ..o dear

9.My favorite thing is goats cheese

10.I'm sick as a pig every time i consume anything from a cow as I'am lactose intolerant

11. I actually have THEE most beautiful adorable cleverest little god-daughter ever (what Iam not biased) 

12.I don't get to see her much and i miss her everyday also her Mum is my best friend

13. I'am currently studying my level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy 

14.Since getting my puppy 3 weeks ago i have actually turned into the crazy dog lady & I'am probably driving my Facebook friends crazy .... but who cares 

15.I have been in a relationship for 3 years 

16. Me & my sister Georgia only have 18 months between us , she is one of best friends

17.I'm obsessed with rabbits 

18.I also have 2 ... Thumper & Lavender

19. I also have a obession with The Real Housewives Of Orange County

20.I have been blogging for almost a year 

21. When i first wake up I cant stop coughing until I have a hot drink 

22. I literally cant stand FUSSY eaters 

23. I hate it when washing up gloves are left inside out ...its a real pet hate 

24.I have a really weird phobia of egg yolk 

25. I hate scary movies but always want to watch them

26. I'm really not a party animal , at 23 sometimes i wish i was but i actually just don't enjoy it as much as i use to 

27. I'm obsessed with painting my nails 

28. I'am also pretty obsessed with skincare when i get home from college i cant think of anything better than cleansing my face

29.I'm easy going and will literally make friends with everyone and anyone

30. I use to get on better with boys than i did with girls at one point every single friend was a male now im pleased to say most of them are girls 

31. I dont drive 

32. I love fancy dress as it gives me a chance to go crazy with make-up

33. I have stressed induced alopecia ( so basically when i get really stressed i lose clumps of my hair )

34. I avoid using heat on my hair as much as i can 

35. My hair is so dark i once sat with bleach on it for 40 minutes ... it hardly changed its fair to say I have enbraced the natural i don't change my hair colour anymore

36. My Daddy is a baker & makes the best chia bread possible 

37. When in a large group i tend to adopt the ''mothering role''

38. Before going into beauty i worked in a nursery for nearly 4 years and trained as a teaching assistant

39. I set my alarm ages before i need to get up then spend the rest of the time snoozing every 10 minutes instead of just setting it for a time i actually need to get up by 

40. Every night before i go to bed i have to count how many hours i will get sleeping 

I mustache you a question

41. I have green eyes & very tanned skin , when i go on hoilday they often try speaking to me in there language 

42. I dont like anything with mince in it ... mince  freaks me out 

43. I go through periods of not eating meat

44. I hate whole tomatoes but love tomatoes sauce , chopped tomatoes and plum tomatoes

45.I LOVE mustaches 

46. I always wear my hair in a top knot 

47. I'm a really fast learner

48.I prefer to be the snuggler rather than the snugglie (big spoon)

49.I'm a size 8 feet 

50 (YAYYYY) I'm obsessed with mugs and have defiantly bulked out my mums cup cupboard 

I tag all of my followers if you have a tag similar leave me your link i love reading them .

Hope you enjoyed this post 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Apricot glitter

Todays make-up of the day is brought to you by .....

The mother came home with this a couple of weeks ago & i new i had to go and buy it  ... this eye shadow is beautiful elegant and classy,it is a pale pink/apricot colour with flecks of tiny glitter and it flatters every eye shape & skin complexion , it makes a every day natural make-up look that little bit more exciting , this is the new Bourjois intense extrait (03) range and they have this in a gold glitter too, which i can ensure you i will defiantly be purchasing.

Along with the Bourjois eyeshadow i wore these little beauties , i didnt apply the bourjois on its own and turned it into more of a smokey eye. Although on a normal day to day basis i wear it on its own.

From left to right :
Beautiful brows £35 (chocolate) , MURAD skin perfecting primer £29 (Dewy finish), Bourjois intense 03 £6.99, Chanel vitalumiere aqua £31 (50 beige) MUA immaculate collection palette £5, Revlon lip butters £7.99 (creme brulee) Soap&Glory bright here bright now £11 MUA blusher £1 (shade 5) Revlon grow luscious mascara £9.99 Rimmel stay matte powder £3.99(006 warm beige)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Red Roses & Pink Lipstick

Happy Valentines Day (for yesterday naughty) to all my lovely followers & readers , weather you are single, taken or swinging i hope you had a lovely day , Mine was very quite as i think I have  turned into a bit of a old fart when it comes to the good old valentines day .... when i was younger i loved it and in a relationship it was the most important night of the year now i just see it as a money scam and way for women to punish men when they come home with a bouquet of half dead roses from the local garage UNLESS of course you got a perfectly alive bunch of flowers (like me) in which case you have a keeper ...

The meal was ''marriage material'' according to the other half ..... good old M&S dine in 

Valentines make-up

Anyhow moving on to slightly more important things  ...... LIPSTICK

Can you actually believe i have never owned a Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick after all the hype its been having , well that all changed thanks to the current Rimmel 241 offer .
I might be a make-up obsessed junkie but i am not a pink kinda gal .... so when I purchased the Kate moss lipstick in shade 20 i really threw a spanner in the works , i wore it with the Rimmel ''wake me up'' foundation which hasn't seen daylight in a while, seeing as a trip to the vets was the only plan on my agenda for the day it wasn't really an expensive make up kinda day , i thought it worked really well together and the colour is fantastic , if you don't have this colour stocked in your local boots , Revlon orchid is a complete perfect colour match.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Instagram #3

Playing with my new phone editing app

Some treats i got of the best friend visit her blog here

Are all mums bad influences?

Caviar manicure ... do you want a review 

What my name apparently means 

Finally i would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Falling Lashes household , this is Trixie a 8 week old pom-a-poo ( half Pomeranian & half toy poodle) that i collected on Wednesday , to be honest i didn't  thing it would be that hard work .. but its honestly like having a new born baby i have spent the whole weekend being up no later than 7am , she went for a nap so i managed to get on with some college work and as we speak shes chewing my laptop wire and pouncing on my hand so Iam sure you can see why i have been a little  slow with the blogging to kick off Febuary,
I haven't done much instagraming this week because of being so busy .
Hope you are all well 


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