Friday, 15 February 2013

Red Roses & Pink Lipstick

Happy Valentines Day (for yesterday naughty) to all my lovely followers & readers , weather you are single, taken or swinging i hope you had a lovely day , Mine was very quite as i think I have  turned into a bit of a old fart when it comes to the good old valentines day .... when i was younger i loved it and in a relationship it was the most important night of the year now i just see it as a money scam and way for women to punish men when they come home with a bouquet of half dead roses from the local garage UNLESS of course you got a perfectly alive bunch of flowers (like me) in which case you have a keeper ...

The meal was ''marriage material'' according to the other half ..... good old M&S dine in 

Valentines make-up

Anyhow moving on to slightly more important things  ...... LIPSTICK

Can you actually believe i have never owned a Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick after all the hype its been having , well that all changed thanks to the current Rimmel 241 offer .
I might be a make-up obsessed junkie but i am not a pink kinda gal .... so when I purchased the Kate moss lipstick in shade 20 i really threw a spanner in the works , i wore it with the Rimmel ''wake me up'' foundation which hasn't seen daylight in a while, seeing as a trip to the vets was the only plan on my agenda for the day it wasn't really an expensive make up kinda day , i thought it worked really well together and the colour is fantastic , if you don't have this colour stocked in your local boots , Revlon orchid is a complete perfect colour match.


  1. Your makeup was stunning xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  2. This was the colour I was after today in Boots! But they had sold out, so ended up getting the Bourjois one instead cause it is almost identical, but I wanted this one cause it was cheaper! Gutted! Your make up looks lovely babes! :) xxx



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