Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lush review

So I recently took a trip to my nearest Lush store (which isn't so near) and had a little splurge , I have always heard good things about there bubble bars but have only ever bought a bath fizzer , I was impressed to find that the bubble bar can last for around 4 baths (as I thought they only did 1) and was even more impressed to find that I got 7 baths out of mine , I also indulged in buying one of there fresh face masks as I hate pre packed ones , I thought for ages that they were really good as I would often break out after using one and thought this was the mask clearing out my pores but realised that it was actually just my skin reacting to all the crappy chemicals , I must say I love there face mask but with it only lasting 3 weeks (because it's fresh) you really have to use it twice a week because there's just so much product , I also bought one of there solid shampoo bars but I will be doing a separate blog post on that because it defiantly deserves it , anyway here's some pictures of my lush products I wanted to share with you .Enjoy

The Lush comforter bar 
Bubbles darlinggggg
Who wouldnt love a pink bath hey?

Does anyone have any recommendations of lush products id love to know?

Heres a sneak at my next nail tutorial 


  1. The pink bath water looks so luxurious! I wouldn't mind pampering myself in that. Can't wait to see your next nail tutorial! (:

    1. OH my it was absolutely lovely johanna ... if i could send a smell through the internet i defiantly would of this stuff smells fantastic , do you have a lush near you ? x

    2. Smell-o-vision! Haha! We do have Lush here in my country. As for your inquiry regarding blog advertising, please fill in the form I have on my blog so we can get started! (:

  2. That does look like it smells good. Although for me, that applies to almost anything pink.

    Also, I really like your scrabble logo for your blog. It's really cool!

    -The Anon Blogger

  3. Wow, theres nothing I love more than a Lush bath-ballistic, but I am yet to try the comforter bar!
    Looks amazing though :)

    Lovely blog babe, following your blog now :) xx



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