Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Dinner

Good Evening Beauties...
Ok so this post isn't very interesting but i went out for Sunday dinner with the mother & sister ( devil) and took some photos  really but i mainly wanted to show the picture of the nail polish i have fell in love with all over again... its called ''blue years eve'' by China Glaze and was part of there new year collection. I bought it and wore it once and it got added to my nail polish collection never to see the light of day again until today when i thought id give it another go and fell in love with it all over again hope you enjoy

Products of the day

I quite often skip dessert when eating out as im never hungry after my main , i have  been eating so healthy this weekend that i thought i deserved a treat ... i didn't have it in the restaurant but i did have it when i got home .. i heated a m&s cupcake up in the oven until gooey poured cream over crushed meringue and fresh strawberries it was LUSH 

Hope you all had a fab weekend :)


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  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! Cute pics! Loving your nail color and necklace!




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