Friday, 27 April 2012

Open my April Glossybox with me

Some its that time of the month again when i receive my Glossybox , and I am sad to say this will be my last one since receiving this months Glossybox i have cancelled , although i felt i was getting my moneys worth with the size of the products i don't feel like i use the products or even rate them  high enough to justify £13 a month although it does not seem a lot i have spent £156 pound this year on Glossybox and i have never liked any of the products enough to re purchase them i mean how many products could i of bought with £156 that i actually like? This months Glossybox theme was  ''organic'' although its a WILD guess because only 2 of the products out of the 5 were actually organic i don't feel they really did there research with this as how many organic products are on the market at the moment ? My skincare routine consists of all organic products using ''Spiezia'' so i was really excited to open it but sadly it let me down dam you Glossybox
The Glossybox normally comes in a chocolate brown and pink cardboard box and the box its self was made out of recycled paper so this is where i got the idea of the theme?

 Beautifully presented as always

The Contents

 Figs & rouge Lip Balm this is one of the Organic products which is a multipurpose balm.which can be applied to face lips & body ......Oh yes we love a good lip balm 

I was so excited when i saw this product as i have heard SO much about Caudalie, this is a ultra concentrated serum which is extremely natural & plant based, ensuring your skin never lacks moisture this goes on under your moisturizer 

Inika Cosmetics are certified organic .. but this means there not 100% , anyway this is not a colour i would normally wear  but as you can see depending on how hard you press you can achieve the look of different colours .... i wont be wearing this on my lips but i think it will look nice as a under eye eyeliner

Monu hand & nail cream_ A rich treatment which leaves hands soft, and nails and cuticles conditioned.Now this smells DEVINE we have previously been sent a Monu product which was a skin perfecter which i was'nt over keen on but this will defiantly be going in my hand bag

Now i don't no if its just me but seriously ?? what girl uses gel ? and if you do what do you use it for ?.... to me this was a really random and strange product to put in here but i think ill take it on holiday for the boyfriend

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  1. I do love a good lipbalm! It's really exciting when I find a new one to use haha. How sad.

    I am with you with the justification of the money though, I've never been able to justify it enough to start an order when I know (from looking at blogs) that I probably wouldn't repurchase any!

    Love, Elizabeth xx



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