Sunday, 22 April 2012

*-*Weekend Post*-*

Hello girlie wurlys :)

Hope everyone has had a famdiddydoso weekendo , i have had a quiet calm relaxing weekend with plenty of wine ( unusual for me as im not really a drinker ) but i had family over so it was a one off this Friday i was feeling a bit down. At the start of the week i am looking groomed to perfection but by the time it comes to Friday my nails are chipped my tinted eyebrows have faded, my skin is looking yanked and my body is dry and not so sun-kissed so most weekends i set a day where i just have ''me'' time get myself looking glam and feeling a little healthier, so this Friday i did the nails, slathered on the moisturizer piled on the face mask , and scrubbed til my skin was shining i took a picture of the products i used to share with you enjoy xoxoxoox

Sunless dare2bare gradual tanner , Lush body dream cream , Jessica polish in Marilyn ,GHD thermal heat protector , Dermalogica Thermal exfoilent & Soap&Glorys softening body butter

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