Monday, 23 April 2012

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation review

Helllllllloooooo :D.....

SO everyone's been raving about the new ''Wake me up Rimmel Foudation '' i spotted it in my local Asda for £8.95 & thought i'd give it a whirl i also grabbed the concealer because i was running low , so overall the foundation gains 4* out of 5 taken by the boots customer reviews , the disadvantages  written by the customers were :glittery, takes time to settle, bad for sensitive skin and awful for dry skin  the advantages written were , looks naturally flawless, blends nicely, good for dry skin and gives a dewy finish .
So i was so excited to try this as i DO NOT like Rimmel foundation at all , i find that after a few hours they always go patchy there drying and hard to blend and also i find there colour range is very orangey, so i tried it yesterday for the first time and i have to say i really really liked it the texture compared to there other foundations is completely different and apply's really easy .
The colour is not orangey at all and it blended really easy i love the look it left on my face but the only thing i didn't like , is the coverage was quite thick NOW this may not be the case as i have been using channel aqua and this is more of a tinted moisturizer so maybe going from the Chanel to the Rimmel i found it thick ..... i am going to carry on wearing this throughout the next week and will update this post here is some pictures for you


Top photo: Wake me up Rimmel foundation & concealer , in shade classic beige , and FOTD wearing Face:wake me up foundation and concealer, cheeks :sleek blush in flushed  Eyes: taupe from a super drug fluttery palette



  1. Hi i have started using this foundation myself and it is really thick, but i kinda like that lol.I think im gonna carry on using this until i find one i like better x

  2. oh well i am glad its not just me , ive just been doing half a pump of the rimmel and half a pump of moisturizer just to make it no so thick for me :) x



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