Sunday, 6 January 2013


Wow i really need to learn to keep on top of this , its been a hectic month November and December with finishing college for the Christmas holidays and then Christmas so i thought id let my pictures do the talking this is what i have been up to since i last posted ,

Happy new year to all my followers too :D

My favorite part of Christmas : when all my girlfriends come home from uni 

My first Ann Summers party 

Homemade Lime , Blackpepper & grapefruit scrub : recipe to follow brilliant for DIY presents 

Rabbit slippers next £12

There is  nothing better than some roasted chesnuts to get you in the Christmas spirit

Christmas always involves lazy days 

In Manchester Mojos after the beauty show 

When the friends are home from uni ... we play 

Any guesses to what i went out as for Halloween 

Mojos do the best cocktails: mines a watermelon & lychee sling punk!

The best Christmas present EVER!!

Me & the other half on New Years Eve

If you want me to get up .. you'll have to drag me 

Nothing beats baking at Christmas: here is  one i made earlier .... Banana bread 

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree

November involved a little trip to Huddersfield to see my friends in uni

On the last day of college my true love gave to me ...... a massive party 

Possibly one of my favorite Christmas presents of the sister 

Now im not one for nail wraps : it does not matter how well i put them on they refuse to stay on longer than a few hours , but these little beauty's lasted me 4 whole days and i only removed them to put a different pattern on and well for 89p from home bargains ... I don't mind if i do 

OOTN New Years Eve House Party 


  1. young lady not only are you stunning but so so lovely too!
    can i be you please?!

    also i adore that make-up storage bag/box - what a beauty! love the pattern too :D

    1. No missy you cant be me because you are amazing as you are haha!!

      glad your well!!

      the make up box was a brilliant present as i had the matching brush roll holder to ...sneaky mother hey ;) xxx



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