Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Flawless Face

I have had my eye on the real techniques brushes for so long , but since i don't live in a city the variety of  the brushes stocked  in my local boots was below basic , so after a busy day at the Manchester beauty show , I hoped skipped & jumped to the nearest Boots to pick up the brushes that everyone is raving about....

They call this the expert face brush ... and it really is phenomenal i always find that after one or two uses of a normal liquid foundation brush you get the ''Im ready to be cleaned & if you dont clean me im going to apply streaky '' look. Now dont get me wrong i wash my brushes every week but i certainly dont have time to be washes them after every two uses, this brush applies your foundation ''pixel perfect'' making you look fawless in any lighting

I actually don't think i could ever use anything else ... 

This comes as a set and is called ''Core Collection''  It contains a buffing brush ( which i also use for foundation but it gets clogged up quite quickly)
Precision Contour brush
Pointed foundation brush ( which i use for concealer )
Detailer brush which can either be used for lipstick or concealer

I have a lovely little friend who i would all like you to go and check out , Sanel works as a PR for bad apple cosmetics and as part of her job decided to join the blogging community , it would make me & sanel very happy if you went and Check her out   , shes just got up and running but shell be sure to have all the latest gadgets from the world of beauty.
As part of my Beauty therapy level 2 qualification we have started a blog where we will be blogging about what were learning and giving you little tips if you want to see whats going on in our world click me :)

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  1. I haven't found a use for the buffing brush yet which is a bit disappointing, I really like the foundation brush for concealer too x



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