Saturday, 12 January 2013

Chanel Vitalumiere aqua

This is the only foundation i have ever re-purchased so its defiantly worth a blog post , being a complete and utter beauty geek , i just cant stick to a foundation even if i really like it , I'am  always looking for the next beauty market hype , well let me tell you THIS is the beauty market hype and this is a foundation that cannot be replaced , once you've tried this everything else will seem ''cakey'' & heavy.

I have alot of redness that i have to cover 

This is after 1 coat and no primer ( which helps to counteract redness) and in natural lighting

To describe this foundation i would probably use the words light as air , you step out of the house with the feeling of freshly washed skin , the main ingredient on the foundation is WATER ...yes water so it sits on the skin rather than going into the pores which is brilliant for anyone with skin problems , the coverage is said to be ''light to medium'' but i would say its more medium , its defiantly build-able and you can apply a few coats for more coverage ( and it still doesn't look cakey) , It was a yellow undertone which is brilliant for anyone who has redness or angry spots in their skin-tone as it counteracts the redness. The finish is matte/semi-matte so especially great for anyone with normal or oily skin but i have dry and i love it so i defiantly think its suitable for all skin types. It also contains a SPF 15 which is brilliant for any sun worshipers or people who like to protect there skin. This foundation costs £32 which may seem a bit steep but i can assure you it is WELL worth the money the light consistently allows you to be able to apply the smallest amount which can be spread over the entire face i find this lasts me around 2-3 Months , I can tell you that as a lover of this foundation i have tried so many duplicates and none stand up to this , i have tried applying with a brush & also my fingers and find that it is much better applied with the fingers.

Formula:  This foundation has to be to shaken well before applying it.  Once you squirt it out the consistency is a very thin liquid. 
Coverage:  The coverage is sheer.  If you just want to cover redness and not any serious acne then this foundation is great for you.  It looks very natural & is matte/semi-matte
Longevity:  This foundation lasts a long time on me, although that is subject to a person's skin type.  I have dry skin so I typically don't have a problem with fading foundation. I don't normally set this foundation with powder as its matte/semi-matte and i absolutely love the finish
Scent:  It smells really strong and floral while you apply it.  I absolutely love the smell, but it doesn't irritate my skin ( which is sensitive) and I don't notice it after I'm done applying.
Shade:  I use 50 Beige , The shade ''names'' have changed to just numbers but i believe beige 50 is ''Beige Sienna'' this is my summer shade and in the winter i use B40 which was previously known as ''Beige Dessert''


  1. Looks so good :) Really good coverage considering how 'light' you describe it as.

    1. its soooooo light i love it hahah xx

  2. hey hunni, you look gorgeous in the picture! do you think this foundation is high coverage? it looks amazing but i have such oily skin - you work it though :D

    sorry i haven't been as active as i would like, i haven't had much time recently to read blogs and stuff which sucks - but hoping to get back into it soon!

    you look stunning as usual and hope you are well! :)

    1. Thank you zoeeeee :)

      Thank you beautiful ... its a medium/light coverage but is defiantly build-able i think its worth you trying a tester :) its defiantly really suitably for oily skin as its finish is matte let me no if you try it lovely :)


  3. Ooooo, think I'll definitely have to try a tester of this now! Looks so good on your skin! x



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