Sunday, 6 January 2013

The ''New'' Bar

I have been using this shampoo religiously for about a year and thought it was about time I shared my thoughts with you , If you feel that your hair takes along tim to grow then then this is something worth trying , I was recommended this about a year ago when all the stress of my old job caused me to get stress induced alopecia it started as a small pea of ''no hair'' right in the center of my head and within a couple of months had grown to the size of half a apple , now as you can imagine with a situation like that you can't win .... you're hair falls out because your stressed and then you stress more because your hairs falling out , I was recommended by someone in the blogging community to try the new bar as it is recommended by the NHS for cancer patients suffering from hair loss from their treatment , I tried a dozen creams from the doctor and nothing seemed to work so it was worth a try . within 2 weeks of using it I could notice a difference I didn't lose anymore hair and it started to grow back since then I haven't used anything else , I really think its helped my hair to grow back & carried on to help it grow and for £5.25 i think its worth a try if your wanting to grow your hair .
The smell is divine really spicy with lots of cinnamon and also contains nettle peppermint and rosemary to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp to help nourish the hair , if you don't have a local Lush you can order online here
Have any of you tried it yet ?

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