Monday, 1 October 2012

Honey I'm home

Yes its me !! i am finally back i have tried to blog a post saying i would be back soon but the app on my phone has just been a epic fail for me , shortly after i came back from hoilday my laptop completely died , by this i mean beyond fixable and since going back to college i just havnt had the spare doller to fork out for a laptop , but i got one today :D so i thought it was very important to tell you i hadnt forgotten or got bored of blogging haha,

I have a few posts in mind of some skincare ive bought recently but since i have been out of the loop for a good 3 months i would love it if you could help me with any requests or things you would like to hear about

Next post should be up before the end of the week

Much Love bloggers

1 comment:

  1. Yay you're back!
    I've missed you and your blog! So glad you bought a new laptop!
    Freshers was epic, sad you missed all of it though! Peep is so questionable, it's as if they've tried to make occy classy by doing it up but totally failing and just making it look like a strip club. Like massive pictures of half naked women on the walls and then 'dancers' on the stage and things! Not great.

    Love, Elizabeth xx



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