Friday, 5 October 2012

Has anyone seen September

If anyone has seen September it would be much appreciated if they could bring it back , although i have to admit Winter is my favourite season when i tell people this i can guarantee they will look at me like i have 2 heads , theres something about winter that no other season seems to offer , it reminds me of good family meals , eating round the table great conversations , sitting on the sofa in your comfy pj's watching the rain fall or even better SNOW.... and not of course forgetting Christmas .. is it just me ?

These have been some of my favourite products throughout September ....

H.d Brow palette , MUA lipstick shade 3, Argan oil, MUA extreme felt liner, MUA shadow shade 30 , No7 beautiful skin cleansing balm

Basically this is your next best thing next to  moroccon oil and half the price of it to at £14.95 its still abit on the pricey side but  you need the tiniest amount so it does last for ages i use it everytime i wash my hair and sometimes inbetween , i have had it for nearly a year and i have used around a quarter of it so for the price its a bargain, i bought it when i had hair exstensions put it , to stop the hair from drying it and just carried on using it on my own hair when i had the exstensions removed and it has done wonders the bottle claims to:
  • add shine
  • prepare hair for heat straighting
  • protects hair from heat tools (although i still use heat protector after it GHD heating style if you must know)
  • quickens drying and stying time
  • Helps protect against sun and wind damage
  • Softens hair and manages frizz
Its fair to say i can vouch for all of them , if your interested i bought it from my local Sallys but you should be able to get it from any hair and beauty supplier AND they do studednt discount oooooo

I have to say i am not a pink lipstick kinda girl but this shade is beautiful the picture doesnt do it much justice as it does look very pink, but on it is the most beautiful fushia shade with a tinge of red... although im not a massive fan of the MUA lipstick packaging for £1 who can really complain ? And the products are long lasting and highly pigmented.

Highly pigmented eyeshadows, these MUA shadow are my non guilty make-up pleasures at £1 BARGAIN this shade is beautiful mixed with a deep red or brown for a Autumn smoky eye

This is how it swatches

This cleanser is my new all time favourite i am a balm and muslim cloth type of girl it gives such a nourishing feel and leaves no reasdue , its for dry to very dry skin but would be good for all skin types except for oily it prices at £9 and No7 normally do vouchers for £5 off

As you may no i love my beautiful brow kit but ive recently been loving the colours in the HD brow palette as you can mix them all up for diffrent types of make up looks, the only downfall to this palette is it does smudge easy

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  1. Great post! The MUA shadow looks beautiful. Thanks for following back, and I am so sorry to hear about your laptop! Glad everything is fixed, and great September favorites!




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